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    nodejs v4.4.2 LTS和 v5.10.1 Stable 有什么區別?

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    同事想升級nodejs,然后問我,nodejs v4 4 2 LTS和 v5 10 1 Stable 有什么區別? 一下子還真回答不出來,懵了…翻一下官方文檔給小白…就像jquery,到了1 9后,分了2個版本(不過,俺到1 8也就么有使用了,后面也是用zepto了……

    同事想升級nodejs,然后問我,nodejs v4.4.2 LTS和 v5.10.1 Stable 有什么區別?


    然后看了下官方文檔: https://nodejs.org/en/blog/community/node-v5/


    LTS版本支持之前的一些老版本特性,可以讓你 絲滑 升級!

    stable 是指新版本不是beta版本了,但是,這個是new 萬一,


    所以,官網也recommend LTS

    Node.js is growing, and growing fast. As we continue to innovate quickly, we will focus on two different release lines. One release line will fall under our LTS plan. All release lines that have LTS support will be even numbers, and (most importantly) focus on stability and security. These release lines are for organizations with complex environments that find it cumbersome to continually upgrade. We recently released the first in this line: Node.js v4.2.1 “Argon.”

    The other release line is called Stable. All release lines will be odd numbers, and have a shorter lifespan and more frequent updates to the code. The Stable release line will focus on active development of necessary features and refinement of existing APIs. Node.js version 5 is this type of release.

    We want to make sure that you are adopting the release that best meets your Node.js needs, so to break it down:

    Stay on or upgrade to Node.js v4.2.x if you need stability and have a complex production environment, e.g. you are a medium or large enterprise.

    Upgrade to Node.js v5.x if you have the ability to upgrade versions quickly and easily without disturbing your environment.

    Now that you have the very basics, let’s take a deeper look at the new features and characteristics of v5, and the benefits and details of our LTS plan.


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